Friday, May 21, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Emily has loved preschool this year! She went 5 days a week and loved learning and being with all her friends. Emily loved snack time the most though! When I would ask what she did in school that day, she would say "I don't know/I don't remember", but she would always remember in perfect detail who brought the snack and what the snack was! Silly girl!!! Miss Heidi and Miss Sicely have done great things with and for Emily and we will really miss them when Emily starts Kindergarten in August!

Since they have done so many wonderful things for Emily, I wanted to do something great to show how special they are to us. But of course I couldn’t do just one thing…oh no, I had to do several! I just kept finding ideas, and I think I went a little overboard. But the teachers really appreciated all the spoiling and Emily and I had a great time creating them all!

This is a clipboard that I covered with scrapbook paper and then mod podged over. I tied ribbons at the top to add a little flair. I took the scrap paper and covered the top of the pad of paper to match. I also covered the inside of the pen with scrap paper to complete the set. Then I wrote a little thank you note on the first sheet of the pad.
Clipboard and pad of paper:
Decorated pen:

I took Swedish Fish candies and put them in a snack size bag. I then printed out the label “You are o”fish”ally the best!” and tied it on the bag.

I purchased a large Hershey’s chocolate bar and removed the wrapper and covered it in scrapbook paper and then glued the label on that said “You deserve chocolate!! (Thanks for all you do)”

I love A&W Rootbeer and thought this idea was so cute! Instead of buying the soda, I found A&W Rootbeer ice pops. So we glued on the label that said “My teacher is AW-esome” and then tied a pretty bow.

I then put them all together in a cute bag I found at the dollar store.

Emily found this idea in the Friend (children’s church magazine) and insisted on making it for her teachers. She had so much fun painting and really got into her work. We took cardboard egg cartons and cut the individual egg sections out. Then we painted the outside with one color, let it dry, and then painted the inside with a different color. Then we attached pipe cleaners as the stem and put tissue paper on the inside of the “flower” to add more color and dimensions! Emily was so proud of her work! We gave the teachers a bouquet of six flowers, and then Emily made this one for herself.

Last, but not least, we took large pretzel sticks, broke them in half and then dipped them into colored white chocolate to make edible crayons. I then covered them in paper to complete the crayon look. The crayon label said “CrayonEatr”. Emily and Nathan got involved and had tons of fun. I had to stop Nathan from helping, because he was helping himself to bites instead of putting them on the wax paper to dry! Then we put them into a pencil container lined with wax paper. Miss Heidi took a bite of her crayons as soon as she opened the box!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Amazing Jewely by J Jewels!

A friend I grew up with makes the most amazing and beautiful jewelry. Jami is having a giveaway on her website that ends tomorrow. But it's not for just one thing: there are 3 prizes! Go over to her blog and look at all of her wonderful pieces! I really want one of the watches! Go on...go look...go on now! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great Week!

It was a great week! I got a lot accomplished even though my house doesn’t look like it! Best of all, my kids were very snuggly this week, so we spent a lot of time sitting together just talking and being together!

Monday March 22
Today Robby FINALLY put my shelves in the hall closet! I’ve had the wood for a year and a half, so I was overjoyed when the task was complete! Then I moved all of our games into the closet and was able to put away both the vacuum and steam cleaner, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time-they have lived in the hallway blocking our way! Then we attacked the toy side of the family room. We have been putting it off until tomorrow, well, today was the day! I promised Emily Cold Stone Creamery if we got it all clean, and that did the trick. She went to work, and it got all clean. Then we had kids over on Tuesday and Thursday and that area is back to where it was! Ug! The mess isn’t supposed to go passed the gate, but it has been creeping out, and so that area will either stay clean or be emptied to the nearest donation center!

Tuesday March 23
Tonight my whole family came over for Hawaiian Haystacks. I watched Allison so Jessica could go to her maternity appointment, mom helped me with a couple of finance questions for the business and Robby helped Kathryn fix her tail light (which only worked while here, and then when she left, it stopped working! Turns out it was a bad connection!). Then after everyone left I had the opportunity to go through Nathan’s 0-6 month clothes to look for a shirt for someone to borrow. Those clothes were so small and cute! Nathan is my monster, and I can hardly remember when he was that small!

Wednesday March 24
Today the kids played all over the house. They ran around and chased each other and got into everything! But it was a monumental day! We finally found the missing sandal! Nathan’s sandal has been missing for at least 6 months, but thankfully I bought the sandals big, because they still fit! Emily grabbed the camera and played photographer! She captured a great picture of Nathan’s eyes and a silly picture of her, but it shows her beautiful eyes as well!

Thursday March 25
We had some friends over today and we made these nests. They are made just like rice krispy treats, but with Chinese noodles. The kids weren’t so sure about getting their hands messy, but loved eating the aftermath!

Friday March 26
Today Gran-Nana came over for lunch and she brought a surprise for Emily and Nathan. Last week she brought over the bunny, so today she brought over the little bear for Nathan. Gran-Nana also brought Emily this basket of eggs. Emily was so excited that she got her own Easter decoration that belonged only to her! Gran-Nana loves to spoil my kids! We found out this morning that Jessica is having a little boy! We are so excited for them! Tonight we went to Costco and I'm ready to purchase someone to come home with me and put everything away!

Saturday March 27
Today we went to a birthday party at Red Mountain Park and we brought the kite. For the entire afternoon I had the song, “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” stuck in my head! I was supposed to go to the Stake Center tonight for the Young Women’s Broadcast, but Robby had a client with an emergency he needed to take care of right away. That left me home with the kids, and I was feeling really disappointed. Then someone reminded me that I could watch it on the internet. I’m so glad that they did, because I really enjoyed the broadcast! I especially loved President Uchtdorf talk. I was grateful to be at home because I was really touched by the Spirit and often cried! Then the kids and I ran over to Fry’s and they talked me into a car cart. They always have so much fun “driving” through the store. Plus, they look really, really cute!

Sunday March 28
Since we picked our oranges last week, our orange tree has really “blossomed”! Now we can sing, “I looked out the window and what did I see? Popcorn popping on the tangelo tree!” I love the smell!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Another catch up post. Ugh! Why do I let it get away from me? I can think of a few excuses, but they are just excuses! I am on a roll though-Last time was 2 weeks, and this time it’s 3 weeks. But I think I’m going to stop it there, and try (key word there) to only go a week between posts! Too keep a long post short (too late-reference from the movie Clue), I’ll just write a little for each picture. I know what you’re saying…”I’ll believe it when I see it!” hahaha!

Monday March 1
With all the rain yesterday, when the palm tree stumps met the warm sun today, they let off some really cool steam! When I was curling my bangs today, Nathan reached for my curling iron just as I was about to pick it up, said “HOT!” and then grabbed the metal part. He burned his left hand. Thankfully it wasn’t burned too badly, and was only red for today. Then later we got to play with Patrick! Nathan looks so big next to Patrick!

Tuesday March 2
The rain has helped our rose bush produce some huge roses, and the kids picked a few today. Today was a monumental day!!!! Nathan slept in his big boy bed for the first time. We started at nap time and it took him an hour and 45 minutes to go to sleep, but he hasn’t been back to his crib since!

Wednesday March 3
Today I pulled out my crochet project that I’ve been working on for over a year. I made a blanket a long time ago that I wasn’t happy with, so I’m taking it apart, and recrocheting it into the square blanket that I like. It will serve as our picnic/floor blanket.

Thursday March 4
Tonight I walked into Emily’s room to see Emily and Nathan both sitting in the chair playing Leapster together. I love finding the kids like this!

Friday March 5
Tonight we had some friends over for dinner, and Emily and Megan had the best time running around and playing!

Saturday March 6
Lehi Days! We took Nana with us to Lehi Days today and watched the rodeo and my cousin perform on her horse with the Lehi Lariats. We went to the petting zoo and I’m sure the animals are glad we don’t own them! Nathan was so excited to hold a chick that he held it under the feet and around the neck. I quickly took a picture and then saved the chick from sudden Nathan death. Nathan had fun, I’m sure the baby chick did not! Emily was loving being around all the animals. She kept asking if we could buy a baby chick and bring it home. Um….NO! Tonight we made Ratatouille and then watched the movie Ratatouille! My friend Laura and I made these really cool necklaces made with ribbon and washers. I found the idea here

Sunday March 7
Another rainy Sunday with beautiful clouds! We decided to go over to my aunt and uncle’s house and while there, the heaven’s opened and emptied all of the water it had! I had to run to get the van (got soaked), then load the kids in the van (got even more soaked), then buckle the kids in the van (now fully drenched!). My aunt and uncle live in Lehi, and Lehi road was a river, not a road when I was driving home! By the time I got home, my pant legs were soaked for about 12 inches on the bottom! I was very cold and wet, and glad to get home and put warm jammies on!

Monday March 8
Tonight Emily got a hold of the camera and caught Nathan “reading” a book before bed. Then she “read” it to him. I love it when my kids work together!

Tuesday March 9
Cute bathtime pics! Need I say more? Emily’s towel is a duck and Nathan’s towel is a frog. Each time they wear them they make the sounds of that animal all the way to their room and until they are dried off!

Wednesday March 10
Jessica offered to watch the kids today so I could go grocery shopping by myself. Then I made dinner for my family at mom’s house. As a surprise, mom stopped at the store on her way home and got balloons for the kids. Emily was so excited, but refused a picture!

Thursday March 11
Today was a very fun day, but it had an element of sadness also. Today is the day that our really good friend and business partner decided that it would be best if she stepped away from the business to spend more time with her family. We are excited that she wants and is able to be a full stay at home mommy. But we will really miss her as a part of the business! To take my mind off the morning’s news, we attacked our St. Patrick’s Day crafts. We also had Gunner, a friend from preschool, come over to play. The kids and I painted clovers on shirts. I found the idea here Then after the kids went to bed, and dipped Mint Oreos in melted white chocolate colored green. I had left over chocolate, so sadly I also dipped strawberries! :-)

Friday March 12
Today I was enveloped in “Holy Cow, Kara is leaving the business…What do we do now?” that I really didn’t get anything productively completed. And with that came no pictures. :(

Saturday March 13
Today was our big St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The whole big family went out to Fountain Hill’s celebration to watch the fountain turn green. We had KFC for our picnic dinner, ate the chocolate dipped oreos and passed out all the fun crafts I make for everyone. My list of crafts for this day are for the boys: bowties and shamrock pins, for the girls: shamrock hair clips and shamrock necklaces, for just our family: the shamrock shirts, and for everyone: candy pillow boxes with Hershey’s golden nuggets inside. I have way too much fun with holidays! The bowtie tutorial: The shamrock tutorial: I also made a garland for our home and Emily’s preschool, found here: (On Monday I crocheted 25 shamrocks for all the kids in Emily’s preschool and her teachers made them into pins.)

Sunday March 14
Today was another first for Nathan. We cut his hair! We came home from church and set about the task of defuzzing Nathan. Robby got out the buzzer, and every time it came on Nathan would scrunch down and say “No tickles Daddy!” Even the sucker couldn’t get him to hold still when that buzzer turned on! Robby and I tag-teamed and we were able to get his hair to a semi-presentable state! Joy of having a boy…have to learn to cut hair! He is one handsome little man now. I thought I liked his hair long and scraggly, but I love it even more now! He seemed to lose all his babyness and became a little boy. He’s getting too big too fast! Tonight Jessica made corned beef and cabbage for dinner and it was really good! I made pistachio bars, which were a big hit and very yummy!

Monday March 15
Another day that I didn’t take any pictures. I’m such a slacker! But I attacked the kitchen and Robby cleaned the floors for me!

Tuesday March 16
Today we went to the mall with some friends to play on the little playground and have lunch. While walking to the playground, the kids held hands! What a treasured memory that is for me! On the way out, the kids played on the big tortoise, and had blast!

Wednesday March 17
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The only thing we did to celebrate the days was make sugar cookies in the shape of heart, and then put them together to make a 4-leaf clover. We delivered a plate to my mom, sister and brother to help them eat their green today! Tonight as I was sitting on the family room floor cutting out fabric for a nursing pillow, and I got poked. So I pull it out. Ok, whatever, it's a sticker from the weeds outside that the kids were playing in today, no big deal. Then my ankle starts itching. 5 mintues later I move my legs to stretch out and what do I find under me?...A BEE! I confess, I let out a bit of a squeak/gasp! Robby came to investigate and disposed of the bee for me. Thankfully I can say I'm not deathly allergic to bees! I don't know who I feel worse for, me because now I have an itchy, red ankle, or the bee for being squished by me!

Thursday March 18
Today I made a nursing pillow with matching shoes for Kara’s mother in law. I have done a lot of sewing lately, but not so much cleaning up after I sew in the craft room. Need to fix that!

Friday March 19
Today is the day that I’ve been dreading for over a week. Kara signed the paperwork today to remove herself from the company. I’m sad to see her go, but I am trying to look for the positive from this situation. I get to learn how to do our company’s finances, and become more involved with our company’s sales and promotions. It will be hard, but I look forward to the challenge and working closer with Robby as we make our company profitable. Tonight I really didn’t want to cook dinner, and then I remembered the gift certificates that mom gave us for Christmas! Yippee! We went to Gecko Grill for dinner and it was a great ending to a stressful day. The kids were great and ate most of their food (they had the rest for breakfast the next morning), and sat still the whole time! Thanks mom for the gift certificate!

Saturday March 20
Today was work outside day! Robby cleaned up the side of the house that likes to collect leaves and garbage, and then mowed the weeds grass. Meanwhile, I picked all the oranges from our tree and then juiced them. It took me most of the afternoon, but the fruits of my labor (haha-nice pun huh?) taste so good! I ended up with 3 ½ gallons of juice from about 2 ½ bags of oranges.
Sunday March 21
Now we are caught up to today! Phew! I let Emily and Nathan play with my camera and all these pictures are courtesy of them! This is me blogging. I have terrible posture, have to fix that! But hey, it’s a picture of me, and that rarely happens on this blog! Emily and Nathan love to sit in Robby’s lap when he’s playing a game! Nathan loves to bring books over to me and have me read them, and for some reason Emily loves to take pictures of that!